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Women need to know how to demand what they deserve and not wait to be given it because they deserve it, it does not work that way. I think that just as you can point your finger at others and shout, “You do not treat us equally” we have to wave the same finger at ourselves and ask honestly, “Have we asked what we deserve? We must know how to touch these places, but sometimes we are ashamed, or afraid to look like troubled people.

Pompau recently revealed in an interview to the Hollywood Reporter magazine the wages she receives from the series, as well as the struggles she went through in order to reach this salary. Among other things, she revealed in an interview to a magazine that the producers of the series used the seasons in the very beloved actor Patrick Dempsey, who played the character of Dr. Derek Shepherd, as a bargaining chip against her wage struggles. She said she was told “We do not really need you, we have Patrick “When Dempsey decided to leave the series it was her defining moment when she knew they would have no choice but to accept her salary demands.


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