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Ellen Pompeo, star of “Gray’s Anatomy,” is the actress who earns the most money on television today. In an interview she gave recently, she talks about her salary struggles and the lack of equality in the industry between men and women.

If you like Gray’s Anatomy series, you’ll be pleased to know a small and interesting fact that has recently been published. It turns out that the star of the series, Alan Pompau, who plays the eternal character of Dr. Meredith Gray, is the highest paid actress on the TV screen today. This is an astronomical sum of $ 575,000 per episode, which amounts to $ 20 million for a whole season of Gray’s anatomy, and Pompau recently unveiled her official salary, which she receives from the series.

Recently Ellen Pompeo was staying with Jimmy Kimmel, she told him her position about her salary exposure and the fact that she was the most earning actress on TV. There were a lot of interesting and interesting passages in this interview, according to Pompao. Women should know how to be better at asking for what men know how to ask. She also added that she hoped that the very fact that she was talking publicly about her previous wage struggles with the star of the series (Patrick Dempsey) would help other women demand what they deserve and be treated in the same way as male actors.



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