Viral Rate

Well, get ready for all your sadness to disappear, right here and right NOW!

You will see the 20 happiest photos the Internet gods have blessed us with.

If you can make it through the entire list without smiling, you should probably see the doc about your missing feelings.


Here’s a little boy meeting André the Giant: WOW…




Look at that sense of awe and wonder!

Don’t pretend like you’d have been able to react any other way.


This guy is SO happy to be eating rice. I want to eat rice right now also!

What’s even cooler is that this picture was taken sometime between 1901 and 1904.

Some things never change. (You get this excited about rice, right?)


This little pup thinks the whole parade is just for him, Cheer him up at home also!


And you know what it? It totally is.

Just look at him. He obviously deserves an entire parade.


Best. Photobomb. Ever. 


Don’t be fooled.

This squirrel knew exactly what he was doing, he also wanted to get the camera and take a picture for next time.


Here’s a guy who’s really happy with the giant onion he grew:

His name is Peter Glazebrook and his onion weighs just over 18 pounds. Is it the onion or you just happy to see me?

And if you think he’s happy with that onion, just wait ’til you see him with some cauliflower…

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