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It is hard to believe, but as you read these lines, at least estimated, over 10 million people are being held behind bars around the world. For most people who are not criminals and have the dubious honor of spending their time behind bars, the prison is a dark, dark place where you can only imagine what life really looks like when the picture that comes to your mind is a stale little cell, , Dirt, cockroaches, and the like.

But even though this is indeed the situation in some prisons, there are also some that may surprise you with the standard of living they offer prisoners in their prisons, even when they are “heavy” and dangerous prisoners. The following series of photographs depicts photographs of living cells in 30 prisons around the world, accompanied by several small information about them. Some of the pictures are not easy to view, some are very surprising and others meet the expectations and look exactly as you imagined. So where is it most worthwhile to be imprisoned? Colombia. Where is less? Brazil. Why? You are invited to scroll and discover for yourself.

Bastøy prison, Norway

The prison is located on an island near the city of Oslo, and is considered a prison with a low level of security. The prison is spread across the entire island and includes more than 80 buildings, beaches, soccer fields, a cultural complex, a forest and many other attractions. In short, if you have been imprisoned, this is the place to aspire to.


Penal de Ciudad Barrios prison, El Salvador

The cells in the picture are about 15 square meters in size and about 3 meters high, but they have about 70 people together, and these cells are supposed to be cells for only 72 hours, but in practice there are prisoners who have been in them for more than a year.

Halden Prison, Norway

Although this prison is a secure one, its conditions are simply amazing. Pampering rooms with a variety of activities, sports fields and rehabilitation programs that the prisoners undergo. The prison has won a prize for its interior design, but on the other hand it draws quite a few reviews on its excessive liberalism.

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