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Anyone who has become addicted to Gray’s Anatomy series is likely to know the characters as if they were members of his family. Sometimes the characters annoy us in the choices and decisions they make in their lives but in the end, just like beloved ones, we accept them as they are and are emotionally attached to them. Unfortunately, in Gray’s Anatomy series, there is occasional rejuvenation in the cast of the series, which sometimes causes us a tantrum when we discover that we are being given a loved one (see Derek, George, Christina, Izzy, Mark Sloan, Lexi Gray and many more) And good ones).

Only recently have we been informed that no less than two major characters starring in the series have been many seasons apart, this is of course Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Kapshaw) and Dr. April Kapner (Sarah Drew) who are both considered beloved characters and now they need to refresh the beams Life and looking for a new job (we obviously do not really care about them).


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