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A little more than two years ago, we told you about Marco Malgerty, a talented graphic designer and illustrator from Italy who created a series of provocative and provocative illustrations called “The Sad Truth,” through which he sharply criticises the morbidity of modern society. Greed, ideal false beauty, corrupt economy, addiction to technology, dilapidated values ​​and a host of social issues that put a murky mirror in front of the viewer. Melgerty’s wonderful ability to convey such strong and powerful messages through one frozen picture gave him international recognition and made him a sought-after illustrator whose works are often published in prestigious magazines in Italy, the United States and Mexico.

Despite the sharp criticism he sends, Mursky’s excellent illustrations are also full of light optimism, and are infused with positive messages for those who have not yet come to terms with the surrender to modernisation and all the bad things it brings with it. We have collected 25 new pictures of Malgarty and if you want more, you can visit the site and its Instagram profile (links at the end of the post).

The year the truth blew up all of us inside

The Hashtag network

The war on the Wifi

SmartPhone Addiction

Bitcoin Madness

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