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A Man Testing A Bullet Proof Vest

There’s no telling what people are willing to do in the name of science. Such is the case with the man who put on this early version of a bullet proof vest and had his friend shoot him.

The Hindenburg As It Crashed

There have been a number of pictures of the zeppelin on fire but this picture, of it actually hitting the ground, is quite a bit more rare.

The Old Lady and the AK-47

This picture was taken in Armenia in 1990. The 106-year-old woman was protecting her house against suspected intruders.

The Baby Cage

The Disneyland Employee Cafeteria

This picture was taken back in 1961. While this scene is crazy enough, we can’t even imagine how nutty the Disney Employee cafeteria is these days, with all the new characters and how much the park has grown.

The Advertisement That Will Stick With You

This particular sign was erected back during World War II. Atabrine was an anti-malaria drug and clearly someone really wanted everyone who could get access to the drug, to actually take the drug.

The Original Ronald McDonald

If you thought the Ronald McDonald of our generation is a bit creepy, get a load of the original version. This guy was the spokesman for McDonald’s back in 1963. You’re welcome for the nightmares!

The Hippo Pulling a Cart

Who needs a horse to pull a carriage when you can get a hippo? Obviously you lose some speed, but you make up for it in power and badassery.

In the 1930’s people in big cities like New York City, who lived in massive high rises used these cages in order to make sure their babies got more sun and outdoor exposure. We’re not surprised this practice has been put to an end.

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