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The game Fortnite has managed to stir up a storm in the world and garner millions of players addicted to the game. Now a new site ranks the awards the best players have earned. It’s a pretty lucrative business, with top-10 players earning millions of dollars

You should think again the next time you tell your kids to stop playing Fortnite: The Esport (online sports) industry, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars in aggregate. Fortnite is the most popular example of how players can earn millions of dollars like the recently blocked Ninja or FaZe Jarvis players. The EsportsEarning site revealed the replicas of millions of professional players who have earned millions of dollars in prizes, even before sponsorships from various gaming companies.

Leading the list is American player Kyle Giersdorf, the game under the nickname “Bugha”. The player has reportedly earned about $ 3 million in prizes won in the various tournaments held around the world. The next player on the list is Harrison Chang, popularly known as “Psalm,” who earned $ 1.8 million. Third place David Wong, “Aquav2”, which earned “just” $ 1.79 million thanks to Fortnite. Just, by comparison, the tenth-place player William Zeit Obein of Canada earned “just” a million dollars.

A few weeks ago, Fortnight celebrated its tenth season in recent weeks, with each season lasting about 10 weeks. At the start of each season, players start from scratch, earning points and rising stages. Fortnite is a free game, but many players use real money to buy virtual currency “V-Bucks”, and through it buy accessories for a character such as shirts, hats and more. According to the Wall Street Journal, Fortnight has amassed $ 4 billion in revenue since 2017, making it one of the most popular and profitable games.

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