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The cupcake craze that came to us directly from America and conquered the world!

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪cupcakes‬‏

The cupcakes appear on almost every birthday table with us today and no wonder, how can you not fall in love with these beautiful little cakes?
In the next post, you will learn a bit about the cupcakes and you will get some tips and tips for the perfect cupcake baking!

The difference between cupcakes and muffins
The cupcakes are sweet little cakes, usually decorated with icing or icing and sometimes candy and other decorations.

The cupcakes, unlike muffins, are made from a cake batter with a relatively simple feel to the preparation, which is baked in small individual molds.
Because of their small size, the pattern is more efficient for heat transfer and the cakes are baked much faster than cakes baked in their original size.
The small cakes can be emptied a little with a spoonful of a spoon or with a special tool for partially emptying the cupcakes and filling with a variety of fillings and creams and thus further upgrading the cakes and options are endless.

On the coating
When we have finished filling the cupcake with cream or if we choose not to fill it, go to the fun and creative stage – the coating!
The coating is usually made from butter cream, which actually contains very large amounts of whipped butter along with powdered sugar, edible colors and other flavor extracts.
The Israeli palate less connects to the flavor and gravity of the buttercream and therefore the coating I make from sweet fur cream.
Why fur? Because the creamy fur is more stable than the milky sweet cream and therefore it is easier to watch the cupcakes and maintain their beautiful shape over time.
The cream can be dyed with a variety of delicious colors and after perfection, decorate with candies, chocolates, sweets, fruits or even sugar dough.

Perfect cupcakes
So how do you make the perfect cupcakes?
There are a few rules to follow:

It is very important to accurately quantify and measure the ingredients using cups and spoons.
Avoid mixing the ingredients in a bowl/mixer. Mix only until a uniform mixture is obtained and no more.
As soon as the batter is ready, transfer it to individual or muffin molds and place in the oven. The swelling materials start working immediately.
Fill the jars with the same amount of night so that all the cakes came out in the same baking dish.
If you bake in more than one mold at the same time, it is advisable to make the molds in the middle of the baking so that all the cakes are baked equally.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪cupcakes‬‏

I bake the cakes at a moderate heat of 170 degrees for exactly 20 minutes, but since each oven is different, the cakes should be checked after 15 minutes. The toothpick should come out dry, without a night with little damp crumbs on it. This is how you get a delicious, moist cake.
Place the cupcakes fully cooled before coating.
The coating should be careful not to break the cream. Beat the cream until it becomes very stable and nothing more.
Add the food coloring to the cream at the beginning of the whipping cream.
As soon as the cream is ready for perfection, transfer to a perfume bag and drizzle. Don’t wait with the cream.
In summary, there are cakes in the senses that begin with whipping butter together with sugars, gradually adding eggs and then the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, etc.) and these are my favorite cakes.

On the other hand, there are the oil-based cakes, which they make more easily and quickly by mixing all the ingredients in one bowl.
Choose your preferred work method. Every night, a cake in the sense will make you perfect and delicious cupcakes!

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