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Legendary Microsoft founder, Bill Gates has just announced his newest business venture, Profit Now, which is a public cryptocurrency platform that allows anyone to be a part of this currency revolution. Profit Now was created by David Richmond, a cryptography professional who left a government-funded code-breaking program after finding success in Bitcoin mining.

Gates, a long time Bitcoin enthusiast and early Bitcoin investor and has made over $500 million in the last year alone on this currency. “Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be,” he told Erik Schatzker during a Bloomberg TV’s Smart Street show interview yesterday. “Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and, of course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient.” He believes in Bitcoin so much that he just invested $100million into acquiring a seat at the board of directors in Profit Now, which is about to go public due to its widespread success in the world of cryptocurrency.

Have you missed the Bitcoin revolution? Absolutely not! Most people know about the success of Bitcoin, but what people don’t know is that Bitcoin is just one of nearly 1,000 different cryptocurrencies on Profit Now that exist today and are currently making people millionaires overnight. With all the latest coverage in the news about the rise of the cryptocurrency market, specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum being featured in the main headlines, you might want to be part of it as well. If you’re not quite sure where to start, keep reading. Everything you need to know to get started using Profit Now is right here. Cryptocurrencies, unlike what most people think, are not only bought by tech-savvy people who use words like “mining” and “digital wallets”. Regular people with basic computer knowledge are also getting involved and making a significant amount of money every day.

Over the course of seven years, Bitcoin’s value has multiplied 879,999 times. If an investor had decided to spend five dollars on about 2,000 Bitcoins back then through Profit Now, that stake would be worth $4.4 million today. As more and more businesses and governments accepted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they gradually increase in value. More and more people are starting to embrace the idea of a decentralized currency, and as more people jump on board, the price of these currencies will continue to skyrocket. Amazon has also stated that they plan to accept cryptocurrency for their e-commerce products in early 2018 which will make the currency even more attractive and is expected to spike its worth monumentally. This will bring every cryptocurrency investor prior to 2018 a very large and profitable margin.

We had the chance to interview David Richmond, CEO of Profit Now: Does this software really work?“Yes. This algorithm is unlike anything ever seen on earth before. The way the Profit Now works is through its ability to correctly answer a question. So if the algorithm knows the answer to a market move, it will take action on the user’s behalf. If the algorithm is confused or doesn’t know the answer to a market move, it simply does not act making this system incredibly reliable.”When will it go live?“The software is fully functioning and already generating daily profit for about 5,000 users. We will start doing PR in the next few weeks which we think should create about a million new registrations due to Bill Gates being on our board of directors, but we are allowing self-sign ups with bonuses on their initial deposits if they wish to use the system now. The deposit and our bonus offer are currently serving to fuel the first winning moves.”How will you ensure other tech companies don’t copy the system?“Yes. the actual algorithms must be hidden so no one can actually see how the software works. We hired a cybersecurity company to try to hack our code encryption. They were so unsuccessful in identifying any of our proprietary data that they chose to quit before their time allocation was complete. We are taking encryption very seriously, because if the source code is leaked or decrypted, someone could backward engineer it and plug it into a trading platform with unlimited trade size, allowing the person to basically rob the whole world. We are confident our algorithm will remain confidential. We are currently offering the use of our system for free. All they need to do is fund their account.”Will the first ones to jump on this make more money?“We wouldn’t say that, no. Sure, the win-rate will be higher for first people to start using our beta testing mode due to its current success, but on the larger scale and with time it will even out the wealth fairly well.”What is your vision? What do you wish to accomplish with this?“We wouldn’t say that, no. Sure, the win-rate will be higher for first people to start using our beta testing mode due to its current success, but on the larger scale and with time it will even out the wealth fairly well. It really just depends on how often users use the system.”What is your vision? What do you wish to accomplish with this?“We believe that in the next 5 years the majority of the world’s population will start using cryptocurrencies as the preferred form of payment for any good or service, and in 10 years the wealth gap will be completely blurred. This will end poverty, hunger and give political power back to ordinary citizens of whatever country they live in. This is really the vision we will use our success for.“

After the interview, Richmond’s team demonstrated the software in action. We were shocked. After a small investment of $250, it actually resulted in profits of $2,853.91 3 hours later. We can’t wait for the software to start doing PR. Richmond, Gates and their team have promised that CNN will be the first to know, so keep your eyes open.Robert Stevens, 24

To save our reader’s time and double check the Profit Now functionality, we took one of our intern students, Robert Stevens, and told him to sign up, following each step.

The first step was fairly easy – he needed to fill in some details like name and email under a video that explained and demonstrated the software.

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