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t may have been a mistake, perhaps deliberately, but the photographers responsible for the images you are about to see have managed to capture some special and amusing moments in their camera lens! These photos prove that sometimes all you need to get a picture at the right moment is to find the right perspective, or just be ready with the camera and wait in the right places. Who knows, maybe the next time you’re in a pool, a restaurant or a gas station, you’ll see and take pictures like that …

“You’ll never believe who sat next to me today …”

He just wants to see if the water is hot

Somebody confused the sky and the earth …

A floral and natural dress

I’ve never seen such an old man!

Just do not lose her head …

The moon is also allowed to stop and sit for a moment

“How’s my new hat?”

Maybe if I kissed him he would become a prince …

She does not really want to share her picture with anyone else …

“I think you need a shower!”

Either something is wrong with the water, or something is wrong with the dog …

Caution, hot drink!

Oscar – The Flying Horse!

“full tank and bag dog food please”

My birds left the … jar ?!

T-shirt for all plumber!

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