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Dismissed to the West or under scrutiny by the Chinese government? The fans do not know where Pan Bing Bing, the huge Asian star who has seen quite a few red carpets in the West, has gone and has also taken part in the X-Men movies. What is certain is that no one has seen her in months.

Even if the name Pan Bing Bing does not tell you anything, her face may actually be very familiar to you. Pan, considered one of the biggest stars in China, regularly frequents red carpets in Western territories (she is a serial guest at the Cannes Film Festival) and also participated in the X-Men: The Future and The Iron Man III. In addition, she is considered the most paid actress in Chinese cinema with a salary of tens of millions of dollars for the film. She is a model, producer, producer, and presenter who won international awards at the San Sebastian and Tokyo Film Festivals. And she also disappeared from the face of the earth.


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According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, Pan was not seen in a publicized event and has not appeared in paparazzi photographs since early July. Its latest social media publications – Instagram, where it has about 3.8 million followers, and the Chinese social network Wibu, where more than 62 million followers are being watched – have also been arrested in recent months. Pan’s partner, Chinese actor Li Chan, is present-absent, too, and has not been seen in public for several months.

Unverified rumors link Pan’s disappearance to a financial scandal in her homeland. In recent years, the Chinese government has tried to monitor and limit the wages of famous players in China because, according to them, high amounts are damaging the film industry and the hedonistic lifestyle of state celebrities conveys a problematic message to its young residents. At the same time, the Chinese film industry has developed a double payment system, which has been dubbed the slightly-racist “Yin Yang”. China’s major film studios have begun signing the players on two contracts – one for a more modest amount and the second is a second contract, which promises the player a particularly high fee for his work.


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Pan was entangled in this economic scandal after it was revealed that her agents used the Yin-Yang method, and recently promised her a $10 million fee for single filming days in a new film; Her official contract said she would receive $1.5 million, and a second contract, disclosed in the Chinese media, made it clear that she would receive an additional $8 million for the same film without reporting it to the authorities.

Indeed, since the publication of the documents, Pan has disappeared. Apple Daily, a popular Hong Kong tabloid, claims the actress was seen two weeks ago at the immigration office in Los Angeles, where she filed documents for asylum in the United States. According to the same tabloid, whoever advised her to do so is none other than Jackie Chan, so it is advisable to take these hypotheses in a limited way. Securities Daily, a Chinese government-owned newspaper, said Pan was “under the control” of the authorities and was “ready to accept the law.” The pressing news was widely distributed in China’s social networks last week, and within hours was removed from the newspaper’s website without any explanation.


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