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A group of people who apparently are not in the line of sanity decided to fit in their birthday suit in freezing weather with only socks and shoes to warm them

People do stupid things when they are drunk, drugged, stupid or lose in intervention. Recently, the event group was documented and uploaded to the network by amused passers-by, who received a free show at the end of the day.

The event took place on the island of Sakhalin, at the height of the Siberian cold, during which the four – three men and a woman – did an exemplary aerobic exercise, including push-ups and jumps up and down, rolling their arms and legs to the sides. The hallucinatory documentation was uploaded to the network for video sharing in Russia and sparked a heated discussion among surfers about the reason behind the naked practice. Some claimed they were nudists, but the vast majority claimed they were probably drunk, doped, or simply lost in a cruel intervention. “They smoked, injected or snorted something,” wrote one commentator, and another wrote: “They lost it completely.”

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