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The Japanese may be offended if you give them a tip. In Ireland, it’s really uncommon not to invite friends in a pub for drinks and if you eat the Mexican salsa without any prior preparation your tongue will burn. We have compiled for you all the things that are not really recommended in different countries around the world.

Denmark: In Denmark, do not stand or walk on a bicycle trail. While in other places they will look at you badly if you do, in Denmark you will catch a flood of shouting and maybe even try to run over you with the bike.

2. Japan: Do not try to give a tip to professionals in Japan, just do not do it. If you try to give someone a tip, they are likely to be very offended. The Japanese people find this an insult because in their opinion you simply call them unprofessional if you think they need that extra money you give them.

Belgium: In Belgium, it is recommended not to flatter local residents about anything. If you do, the Belgians will spend the next half hour trying to humiliate themselves and prove to you that everyone else is better than them.

Norway: Do not sit next to people you do not know on a bus in Norway. In fact, let’s put it another way, do not create any interaction with people you do not know about Norway unless it’s absolutely necessary.

5. France: On the Paris Metro train do not say a word or express any emotion unless you want to take a murderous look at everyone around you. Other prohibitions in France: Do not pour water into wine, do not pour sauce on the cheese, and never pour wine on any food (because it already has enough).

6. Ireland: The Irish people, as is well known, have a very important culture of drinking in the bars. For this reason, if you arrive in Ireland, never give up inviting all the well-wishers to a round of drinks at your expense. If you do not suggest, your first impression will be destroyed.

7. Italy: When in Italy, never lose the parallels of what you buy. If you are accused of buying something fake and you will not have the receipt to confirm that they have worked for you, the police will make it very difficult for you.

8. Turkey: Turkey is forbidden to enter the house of a local with shoes, so we advise you to take them out the door. Another practice that can not be done in Turkey is to refuse tea that is offered to you locally. Not only is it perceived as impolite, nor should you refuse because their tea is very tasty.

9. USA: When you visit the US, avoid touching the heads of babies or children you do not know. Argentines came to the United States and touched the heads of children at a local mall, which is common in their country, almost stopped by the police.

10. England: Never be cut in line in England, because if you do, you will get hateful looks like you have never seen before.

Scotland: On your next visit to Scotland, do not dare to do the following: call an English local resident, shout "Freedom" and watch any response and refuse an alcoholic drink. The last prohibition is the most important since the degree of masculinity of a person in Scotland is measured by the amount of alcohol he drinks.

12. Venezuela: Venezuela Never go alone on the street, especially at night, do not stop a taxi on the street and whatever you do, do not use the phone on the street.

13. Latvia: If you are visiting Latvia, do not climb the Freedom Monument or any other monument for that matter. If you do that, the police will arrest you and probably hit you with sticks.


14. North Korea: It is forbidden to publish anything on the Internet in North Korea. If you do this, make sure no one knows where you live ...

15. Mexico: Do not Eat Salsa In Mexico If you have never eaten real Mexican salsa before, it is very acute.

16. Greece: Do not direct your open hand to a local place in Greece, it is an insult. The Greeks might see it as saying to them, "You are a donkey."

17. Serbia: Gay visitors to Serbia should be careful with whom they speak and how they express themselves that most of the Serbian people are homophobic and sworn.

18. Thailand: Do not say anything bad about the Thai king or the royal family because this crime could result in a prison sentence of 15 years. Another tip for Thai visitors: Avoid as much as possible pointing your feet at someone and touching the head of a person you do not know.

19. El Salvador: Like many other countries in Latin America, visiting El Salvador should avoid speaking English as much as possible. In El Salvado,r there are people who find tourists and follow them. Talking English will surely betray the fact that you are tourists.
Things that must not be done in countries

20. Paraguay: In Paraguay, do not identify yourself as strangers to policemen. Never let the police see your passport or hear your accent. In case a police officer stops you, try to let my place talk for you, or if there is no local in the area that can help you, maybe $ 50 of bribes to a policeman can help.

21. Peru: In Per,
u the poverty rate is very high, so be sure to guard against strangers as much as possible. Never enter a stranger's car or visit his home, and whatever you do, do not taste food or drink that you did not order.

22. Bolivia: When you are in Bolivia, do not expect cars to stop when you want to cross the road, because the drivers there simply will not.

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