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Diet is a health need and not just an aesthetic one

What not to do on a diet

1. It is not enough to want to diet, you have to do it right.
2. Not enough to eat a little diet, should know what kind of food to eat.
3. It is not right to fast in order to lose weight, you have to eat and even without much but do not exceed the chosen combination.
4. It is not enough to keep the food rules on a diet, you need to drink a lot of water.
5. Do not have to do intensive exercise every day and should do moderate and smart exercise.
6. Do not have to settle for a short period of time for the diet. You should think about dieting in terms of your whole life, when you lose weight and periods when you keep your weight, but you should never stop the planned diet and leave space.
7. Do not need to do any diet that came to your attention, should be done diet experts only.
8. Do not have to diet at the expense of personal health, should make a well planned and healthy diet.
9. Do not have to rely on advice from friends, you should come to the weekly audit at the clinic.
10. Do not stop the diet immediately When you reach the desired weight, you should continue to maintain this weight for at least another three months to turn this weight into a stable weight.
11. Do not leave empty space, you should always diet for weight maintenance or for weight loss.
12. You do not need to neglect the outer shape, you have to worry about symmetry and proper distribution of fat mass more or less symmetrically at any price.
13. Try not to put the body into fasting, you should eat during the day a small amount as many times as possible.
14. There is no need to overdo sports, you have to continue with moderate physical activity.


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