Viral Rate
    1. Do things you’ve never done before, and rightly so
      Get drunk unconscious, try drug stimulants, or sign up for a paddle course to prove you’re sexy. Forget it, do not go crazy and start trying things to prove to the world that you’re cold. Stay as you are, because whoever loves you will love you for all the things you have not done.
    2. To analyze every operation and dig endlessly
      With friends, with the family, with your diary, with a poor guy who went out with his dog to piss, what about you? He just asked if you had a file. enough! It’s over and you can go through a year on the reasons, but what will it give? There is always the bottom line that says – he does not want to.
    3. Follow him at Watsap
      So he last looked at 2:38 in the morning and from it he got the Mesika that he was sleeping with your best friend when what really happened was that the water pipe in his apartment exploded and he summoned my plumber’s chest. Forget about you, unnecessary movies.
    4. Revenge. No, not even now
      Come on, what are you? The guy was not interested, the connection did not succeed, things happened. Release me, why do you have this karma of vengeance. Would the five minutes that made him feel really bad be worth the trouble?
    5. Connect with a forgotten company
      It was your BFF until you knew the dosh broke your heart and made you forget about its existence and filter it in von. Remember that if you are a company with a little self-respect, it will not answer you and then you will fall apart. Caution.
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