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Designer Dima Yarovinsky shows us in the most obvious and frightening way that there is exactly what we all agree on daily.

Today there is an application for almost everything, more correctly, for everything. Want to tell the world where you went to the bathroom recently? You should download the “Places I’ve Pooped” app (!?!?).

If you find that there is not enough content on the web to show videos of cracking, you can download an app that turns the theme into a game.

No wonder there are so many apps (Android users can choose from 2.8 million applications and iPhone users can choose from the 2.2 million available to them). They are usually free and easy to download. All you have to do is agree to the terms of use.

Sounds simple, right?

But the next picture will make you think twice about the whole subject ..

When you click “I agree”, you agree to all this:

These are all the conditions we agree with on some of the most popular apps:

(Green), Google (gray), tinder (pink), Twitter (blue), Facebook (blue), snapechat (yellow) and instagram (pink).

Did you read all this when you downloaded these apps? Probably not because no one reads it. This impressive display of terms of use was exhibited at Bezalel.

The designer, Dima Yarovinsky, explains the project:

“I took the content from the Terms of Use for the top apps we use on a daily basis.

I printed them on a long, contract-size, A4-size A4 page. After I printed these conditions, I hung the scrolls in the Bezalel Academy Gallery, added the number of words and the time it takes to read each scroll.

“My main goal was to emphasize how small and vulnerable we are in the face of these huge corporations.”

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