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Superfood – are foods with many healing and nourishing abilities. They are the most powerful food – probably the most concentrated and nutritious on earth. Studies have found that they are the healthy, natural and quality foods that exist today. These foods can improve symptoms of almost any disease. They can promote the energy and vitality of our bodies and are the optimal choice for strengthening the immune system and improving overall health. Supernatural foods increase the production of serotonin, stimulate sexuality and support the removal of toxins from the body. They nourish the body’s needs for protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. They are also an excellent source of antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes and coenzymes, and this is just the tip of the iceberg …

Why should I consume a Superfood?

“Super Foods” feed us at a very deep level. They allow us to get more nutritional values ​​in less food. They help over time nourish the brain, bones, muscles, skin, nails, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, reproductive system, pancreas and immune system. They balance and support a change in diet to a natural diet. Since “super foods” are natural, they provide a wealth of synergistic elements and work harmoniously in the human body in a way that scientists have yet to fully understand.

“Super foods” are good not only for human health – they also support maintaining the ecology of the planet. Their consumption encourages organic farming and proper use of soil. When we feed on the supernatural foods the energy in our bodies changes and as a result our thoughts and attention. It is reasonable to assume that the consumption of “alimony” over time reflects the perspective of life and nature. The world is turning into a place more amazing than ever before, and our hearts are filled with appreciation for creation.

The approach of the Institute for Integrated Nutrition suggests that the best way to quit cravings and cravings for unhealthy food is by adding more healthy food to your diet (instead of fighting to reduce unhealthy foods). When we do this, healthy foods support a more balanced diet change. By adding these powerful “foods” to your diet, you naturally lose a desire for unhealthy foods. The intake of “foods on” is great for fulfilling this goal. Organize your life so that these healthy foods are available all the time.

When you start to eat “foods on” as an integral part of your daily diet, your body will absorb so much nutritional value that the craving for processed and industrial food and overeating will begin to wear off. “Super Foods” are a powerful and incredibly tasty enhancement to your diet. Gradually you will notice what kind of “super foods” reverberate in your body and require your health and lifestyle and start consuming it at low doses on a daily basis.


Schockeld is considered “the food of the gods.” Everyone loves chocolate. Cocoa creates joy and enhances love for life. When you eat the raw cocoa beans, you can not be mistaken, the heart immediately opens and the face smiles. The body gets what it likes and best for it. Chocolate made from raw cocoa beans is the best way to absorb nutritional values ​​from “super foods” and supply them to body cells. The raw cocoa beans contain the highest mineral compounds. They are a rich source of magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin C, fiber and omega-6. The raw cocoa powder, which is produced by cold pressing process, has the highest antioxidant value – more than any other existing food. It was found that cocoa beans increase the hormones of love and joy, and are a great source of longevity.


Maca is a root originating in Peru. It is commonly available as smoky hazelnut powder, a powerful food for hormonal balance and healing of hormonal disorders – menopause syndrome, infertility problems, and menstrual cycle syndrome.Maca provides an energy source associated with the first chakra, elevated, increases male potency, Spirit and healing depression Maca is the best source of iron: improves anemia and memory.Maca blends very well with cocoa, green leafy shakes and chocolates.Maca is recommended when sexual energy is low, it is recommended to prepare a cocoa drink with maca.


Aloe Vera is a desert plant but is considered one of the easiest plants to grow, even in a potted plant in your home. It is one of the most powerful herbs on earth. It has qualities that cool the blood and soothe the acidity in the body that is created by stress and extended life span. It supports liver and kidney health, and helps inflammation, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It is an amazing plant for the renewal of internal tissues, skin and hair. Aloe vera acts as a fibrotic and thus enables better absorption of pro-biotic in the body. The best way to consume aloe vera is by peeling the fresh leaf and using the gel to make lemonade, smoothie, or apply directly to the skin or hair.


Noni fruit is an ancient medicine originating in tropical countries. Noni supports the building of new cells in the body and balances the molecular structure of each cell. The immune system is powerful in its ability to cleanse toxins from the liver, intestines and brain. It also promotes healing from cancer, arthritis and blood pressure and body sugar levels. Noni is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and has analgesic properties. Noni can be consumed as a juice (produced from the fermentation process of the fruit) or as a powder produced from the fruit and its seeds. The juice is consumed on an empty stomach and the powder is recommended to be mixed with shakes or chocolates and all the healthy luxuries. The introduction to the noni fruit is an amazing experience. When we first discovered the fruit, we began to consume it with pineapple shakes and skip meals. It made us feel “high” and high energy. When we started using it in the body cleansing program, we discovered that it has a very positive effect on the process, and to this day is the rising star of our body cleansing program.


Spirulina is a freshwater seaweed, also known as the “Queen of Proteins”. Spirulina contains all eight essential amino acids. It is rich in iron and builds blood at the same level as red meat. Is a natural and abundant source of chlorophyll, salt and enzymes. Spirulina helps to detoxify the body, strengthens the immune system, strengthens the physical body and creates flexibility and agility to act. It accelerates internal healing processes and functions of the liver, pancreas and creates a shine in the hair. Spirulina blends well with natural orange juice, with a smoothie, or a salad with olive oil and lemon. Spirulina is especially recommended for pregnant women.
Green leaves GREEN LEAVES

The Greens are a major food group, which is almost entirely compatible with human nutrition needs. It includes all kind of green plants: such as celery, spinach, rocket, parsley, coriander and others. The plants help digest food by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. A variety of green leaves provide our body with all the protein needed for our health. Green leaves contain a lot of fiber and thus balance the acidity of the stomach. They contain chlorophyll, which supports the removal of toxins from the body and blood. When you start craving green salads and green shakes, this is a great sign of an inner connection with these herbs.


These are seeds peeled from cannabis plant. These seeds are one of nature’s richest sources of protein. They contain 33-37 percent protein available for digestion. Cannabis seeds contain all the essential amino acids as well as the essential fatty acids necessary to maintain the health of our bodies. They are a source of brain cells and support liver health. They are the source of a large number of trans-minerals. A great substitute for cannabis seeds are chia seeds that contain nearly identical medicinal properties. The cannabis seeds are wonderfully tasty, and they combine with any food. They are great for making crackers, salads and shakes. A great combination is pesto with cannabis seeds.


These red berries grow in cool areas and come dried and ready to eat. They are one of the most nutritionally rich fruits on the planet. They are a source of complete protein and contain 19 amino acids and 21 trance minerals. They counterbalance and balance blood acidity, strengthen the immune system, and increase vitality. They protect the liver, improve vision and blood quality. The goji breez bush seemed tangled like a brain and was thought to help develop brain functions. Goji berries are great food for children – they encourage growth hormone production, and they are sweet and delicious. You can eat them as they are, or combine them in any dish – shakes, chocolates, soups, salads and rice and whatever you want.
Bee pollen BEE POLAN

A bee pollen is a pollen produced by bees from flower pollinators. This is delicious food and full of energy. Polan increases physical strength, endurance, energy level and allows for rapid recovery from physical training. Bee pollen improves fertility and strengthens reproductive organs, relieves prostate and type 2 diabetes symptoms. Polan helps in acne treatment and helps with wrinkles. It is active as anti-aging, and is highly antioxidant. Bee pollen is a source of complete protein, containing all 22 essential amino acids. It helps to neutralize allergies, and in case of high fever, it is recommended to double the dose. Beans pollen is a great “food” that is simply combined with everything, is sweet and tasty.


In the Sanskrit language, the palm of the coconut is called “kalpah virksha”, meaning “the tree that provides all that is necessary to live.” In any way we choose to consume it – fresh coconuts, coconut meat, coconut water, coconut cream, butter / coconut oil, or using stem and leaves to build leaves and mats – the coconut is the real life in our lives. Nutritionally, the coconut improves absorption and digestion, helping to ward off viruses, bacteria and fungi. Coconut helps regulate the production of healthy hormones, increase thyroid activity, and supports the production of healthy cholesterol in the liver. Coconut water is an excellent source of infant nutrition, they cool the body and can soothe urinary tract infections. Coconut nuts (known as “Pippa” in Costa Rica) from which we enjoy every day, represent the delights of life in the tropics. When we drink or eat them, there is a sense that the electrolytes dance in every cell in our body … The coconut meat can be combined as a base for all the ceramic desserts, the liquid for drinking and as a basis for shakes, while the butter / oil is wonderful in combination with shakes and cooks.

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