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Know the constant advice that all the experts are making to improve quality of life? (Well, that’s not a fair question. They’re reciting a lot of obvious tips.) I mean this time, “Live every day, as if it’s your last day.” I say, “Live every day, as if it’s your birthday,” and I’ll teach you how to get to know Morden Stern, a guru and a certified guide to a better life with technology.

It all started one fine day when I received a “good luck” from a Facebook friend. When I asked my friend why I deserved good luck, he pointed out that my birthday date, as it appears on Facebook, is really today. I explained to him that the birthday date, as it appears on Facebook, is a picitby. The friend was interested and asked why I was hiding my real birthday. When I explained that I was evading people in black, he stopped taking an interest and went back to his business. I assume that only their mention (“Men in Black”) made him abandon the conversation with fear.

In any case, that day I received a lot of “good luck” and it gave me a “new spirit” (if we continue the line of thought of a quality-life-improvement expert) and a sense that others really care about me, even love me, And I am a few years younger than the date I gave Mr. Mark Zuckerberg (when I think about it, I do not really know why I set up a fictitious birth date on Facebook, it’s probably a natural fear that comes straight from my Jewish genes).

And so, whenever I feel a bit sad, I run to Facebook and change the date of my birthday and wait for reinforcement and charges. It’s pleasant, it’s pleasing, and most important – it’s free.


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