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More than 12 years have passed since the last episode of “The 70s Show,” one of the most popular and funny screens on the screen at the time. The series that chronicled the adventures of Eric, Donna, Jackie, Kelso, Hyde and Paz, a group of young people living in an imaginary town in the state of Wisconsin, succeeded in capturing the viewers’ hearts.

The following month will mark exactly 20 years since the first episode of the series, sometime in August 1998, and on the occasion of the event, we gathered seven surprising facts for you, which you are not sure you knew about the series and its stars.

Mila Kunis lied about her age to get a job

Mila Kunis started her acting career at the age of 10 when she received a small role in the series “Days of Our Lives” and later received several small roles in films such as “Honey, The Parents Disappeared” and “Jaya”. In 1998, she auditioned for the 1970s show. The minimum age for taking the role in the series was 18, but this did not deter Kunis and she told the audience that she would soon be 18, but she did not exactly say exactly when. In fact, she was only 14 years old (.) Although she was young, it was decided to give her the role of Jackie Burckhart.

The first kiss ever from Kunis was in front of the cameras as Jackie, when she caught a hot kiss to Ashton Kutcher who played her boyfriend on the screen, Michael Kelso. Kutcher was 23 years old at the time. As is known, today Kunis and Kuchar are married with two children (a boy and a girl) and it is funny to think that if she did not lie about age at her audition, she probably would not have known her husband. It turns out that sometimes it’s worth a little lying.

ne of the most prominent secondary characters in the series of the 70s show was the tearful image of Leo, the older slat who developed over time friendship with Hyde and Eric’s group, probably because he always had directions for cannabis (although they never said it in the series explicitly). The character of Leo was played by actor Tommy Chong and it turns out that there were quite a few similarities between his image on the screen and outside the screen.

The figure of Leo appeared in seasons 2,3 and 4 and then he disappeared from the screen without a clear explanation. He then returned to a guest appearance in the seventh season and fully in the eighth and final season. In fact, the real reason for Leo’s disappearance was that Chung was in prison. In 2003 he was sentenced to 9 months in prison for selling illegal smoking products.

Danny Masterson was charged with raping four women

In 2017, Danny Masterson, who is more familiar to you as the person who played the character of Hyde, was accused of raping four women. The event apparently took place in the early 2000s, when he starred in a performance in the 1970s. These charges led Netflix to end the role of the actor in their series “The Farm,” starring alongside his longtime friend from the 1970s series, Ashton Kutcher.

Three of the girls allegedly raped by him were members of the Church of Scientology and claimed to have acted to silence the charges against Masterson, who was considered a senior cleric. Initially, Netflix decided not to end its role in the series following these accusations, but things became more acute when one of Netflix’s senior executives told one of Masterson’s victims that the network did not believe the allegations at all (he did not know at the moment that he was talking to one of the victims allegedly raped By Masterson).

Leo’s character disappeared from the series because Tommy Chong went to jail

Netflix eventually decided to terminate the contract with him. Mr. Masterson said he was very disappointed with the decision and released the following statement: “This issue was examined by the police 15 years ago and already then they decided there was no reason to continue to investigate the matter … I have never been prosecuted for any crime, nor have I been convicted of anything. You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but in the current climate we live in you seem to assume that you are guilty the moment you are accused of something. ”

Grace claw (Eric) was a bad kisser

Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt is now considered a popular and esteemed actor after starring in several blockbusters such as “The Beginning,” “The Dark Knight,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” and many others, but somewhere in the nineties he was still the boy who starred in the series “Encounters of the Personal Kind” and is considered a great promise that has not yet been realized. A moment before his breakthrough, he played a guest role in the first season of “The 70s Show” as Buddy Morgan, a classmate of Eric who is secretly in love with him.

One of the memorable scenes of his guest appearance was his kiss with Erik, just before the latter rejected him. This kiss was the first time that a kiss between two men in prime time was seen on the screens in North America. But despite the funny episode, the audience really disliked this kiss and Levitt, who was supposed to participate in other episodes, was cut off from the series.

This story did not hurt Joseph’s career, but it did not stop him from being interviewed a few years later and to say that the kiss with Erik was one of the worst in his life. He was reinforced by Laura Perpon, who played Donna, who also stated in an interview that her operativities in the new Black Orange series were all more successful “kisses” than Topper Grace.

The image of Lori Furman, Eric’s sister, was re-cast due to serious personal problems

Actress Lisa Rubin Kelly, who played Laurie Forman in the first few seasons of the series, was an integral part of her in the first 3 seasons, but her role narrowed significantly in the 4-5 seasons when in fact she was not included in any season of the fourth season and participated in a few episodes In the fifth season. She then retired from the series because of “personal crisis” and was replaced by actress Christina Moore.

Not many people know this, but the “personal crisis” she experienced was the loss of a child during pregnancy, which led her, along with the pressure of work in the show of the 1970s, to lose it completely and become addicted to alcohol and later hard drugs. Despite the claim who was able to quit and leave this stage behind, was arrested in 2010 on charges of possession of drugs, and looked simply a horror in her arrest photo posted on the Internet that year. Two years later, in 2012, she was found dead after an overdose.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis did not suffer each other

Although they played a couple in the series, and although many years later became a couple in reality and even share children together, during the filming of the series these two stars really did not work out.

“We knew each other about each other because we spent so much time together on the set, we knew the ugly, bad and good sides of each other,” said Kunis in an interview two years ago. I do not know who he is and he is not the same person I knew. “In addition, Kunis said that despite severing ties several times on the way, they always returned to being friends in the end.

So how did the two end up together? Konis said that at a certain stage, in light of the great attraction between them, they decided to be “moving.” But very soon their relationship came out of the bed and the rest is history.

Tanya Roberts left the series because her husband contracted terminal illness

A lot of spectators raised an eyebrow when during the sixth season Donna’s parents divorced unexpectedly, although there was no sign of it. Donna’s mother disappeared and Brooke Shields emerged, playing Bob’s new partner. But the reason why Tanya Roberts left the series in 2004 was quite tragic. Her husband, screenwriter Barry Roberts, contracted a terminal illness and decided to leave and spend the rest of his time with him.

Roberts did return to perform in a few episodes in the seventh season, which proved her departure was for personal reasons only and not because of the tension with the production as many thought. Her husband died two years later, in 2006.

Grace Topper did not really get along with the other members of the series

After Stopper Grace (Eric) and Ashton Kutcher (Kelso) announced that they would not return to the eighth and final season of the series, Kutcher actually emerged for several guest appearances throughout the season, unlike Grace who participated only in the final scene of the series. It does not look like a big deal until you check what happened after the end of the series.

Grace claimed that there was no bad blood between him and the members of the series, but he was the only one who did not participate in the exciting reunion of the group in 2016, and the only one who did not come to celebrate with Kutcher and Mila Kunis at their wedding. In both cases Grace claimed he was busy at work, but that was probably not the truth. In addition, Grace is the only one not to be hosted in the Netflix “The Ranch” series, starring Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson (Hyde). Want more proof of Tupper’s rickety relationship with friends? Well, he is the only one not stretched by Ashton reaped during the many seasons of the Punk’d Tension Program.

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