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Sometimes it seems to us that science is omnipotent when it comes to understanding nature and history. But it turns out that this is not always the case, and sometimes the latter have the upper hand. Know the 11 phenomena that science still has no clear answer to.

1. Fireballs Noga

Along the bank of the Mekong River in Thailand and Laos, every year in October, egg-shaped balls of red light pop up.
Natural phenomena

2. The manuscript Vinnitz

The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated illustrated book that, since its discovery, has remained obscure and unsolved. According to most modern scholars, the book was written between about 1450 and 1520 by a writer whose identity is unknown, and in writing and in an unrecognized language.
The manuscript is illustrated, and alongside it is illustrations and sketches of naked women’s pictures, botanical illustrations of unknown plants and flowers, and astrological symbols. It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of letter-like symbols, some of which mention letters or digits from different languages, including Arabic and Roman letters.
Throughout his documented history, the Winnitz manuscript has attracted the keen interest of both professional and amateur secret deciphers, who have learned it well and tried to find some inner logic to help decipher it.


3. Star Jelly

During meteor showers, there were reports of people finding something that looked like jellyfish flying from outer space.
There have been reports from the past few years or more about people who found these jelly beans. They are usually transparent or yellowish, they smell awful and crumble quickly when touched. Although there are many references in the press and the police in the past 150 years, no one has yet been able to investigate this phenomenon, because the material is crumbling and disappearing very quickly, and they have not been able to collect a sample that can be studied.

4. Iron pipes from Chai Dam Basin, China

In 2002, a group of scientists came to Qinghai Province in western China to test mysterious metallic pipes discovered in the Chai Dam area. The researchers found that the pipes were produced in the distant past, at times when, according to today’s accepted assumptions, humanity had only the most basic technology.

Parts of the pipes were scattered all over the area, some at the foot of a mountain in Baigong, in a pyramidal structure about 60 meters high. In the pyramid there are three caves shaped like a triangle. Two of these caves collapsed, but a third pipe with a diameter of about 40 cm is visible, and another pipe of the same diameter passes through the cave along the mountain and into the ground.
At the entrance to the cave there are almost a dozen pipes with a diameter of between 10 and 40 cm, and the parts of these pipes provide some explanation as to how the pipes were assembled.

5. The phenomenon of fairies and sycophants

In the last 15-20 years, a new phenomenon has been discovered in the atmosphere. A group of optical flashes called fairies and lords were seen far above the storm clouds. These blue and red flashes are known to be associated with a kind of powerful lightning. The discharge events that produce the flashes also create radio waves that travel around the world in the ionosphere layer of the Earth, allowing identification at the research station in the Negev. As a result of these discoveries, Colonel Ilan Ramon and the Columbia team took pictures of these flashes.

6. The huge stone balls in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica and in a few other areas surrounding it, huge stone balls are scattered. They are smooth and precisely shaped. Some are small, several centimeters in diameter, but some are huge and weigh a few tons.

7. Earthquake Lights

As early as 373 BC, people claimed to have seen strange lights in the sky during earthquakes and sometimes minutes before they began to shake themselves as you would see in the video.
It seems that the phenomenon usually occurs in China, although there is quite a bit of evidence of this phenomenon in Peru.


8. The Baghdad battery

This object was found in the ruins of the village of Partian, believed to have existed between 248 BCE and 226 AD It contained a large clay tube containing a brass cylinder reinforced with asphalt and a rusted iron rod.
They concluded that all that was needed to generate electricity with it was to fill it with acid or alkaline liquid.

9. Rain of animals

Rare but happening. This phenomenon has been documented several times throughout history. It is not known what it is caused. The hypothesis today is that the phenomenon is caused by strong winds that blow over water bodies and carry the animals a short distance.

10. The Blop

In 1997, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded a strange and strong sound in the ocean. The voice was so loud that two different microphones, some 4500 kilometers from each other, picked up the sound, and the voice called “blop” does not mention anything at normal speed, but when you run it at 16 times the sound sounds like Bloop.


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