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The fact that the average life expectancy of women is higher than that of men in most countries of the world is well known, but have you ever wondered why? Well, scientists have been trying to solve this issue for years and so far most of the studies have given rise to theories that are mainly related to women’s hormonal advantage, their chromosomes, and their tendency to maintain a healthier lifestyle than men.

However, as you will see in the next series of images, scientists can investigate as much as they want – the reason why men get caught on equipment earlier is probably related to the fact that men are usually risk-taking creatures and silly shortcuts that women would not normally perform. We have collected 35 pictures for you that sharpen this idea. Another way to verify this claim is to visit the emergency room closest to where you live, where a significant portion of the people in the following photos probably came.

This guy who decided to check what else can be done with water pipes under pressure other than washing cars

Safety first

A volume that turned his melted glass into a jumping rope

The right way to put a helmet when you have dreadlocks

Only we have a feeling that this passage is not going to end well?

And they say Coca Cola is not healthy

Good luck to everyone and say Amen

“I am on vacation in Egypt, I have been invited to my room by a plumber who will take care of the drain, so he just climbed out the window and did the work”

That’s how sidewalks are painted in Mexico

“I have no problem getting down to check if there is a danger of collapse”

How many people need to hang one sign? As much as possible

Professional welder

When the lever is not long enough

What to do, it does not get into the crate

5 seconds from now and this guy can stick a dibble inside his leg

Leave you to order a transport. pestle.

And now to my next fascination, ride on a tube!

When you want to disconnect your electric vehicle from a charge and you take all necessary precautions

When the safety inspector had just left for lunch

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