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Even when you love your job and your coworkers, sometimes its difficult to arrive in the morning with a smile and maintain positivity for 8 hours straight. However, unless you’re independently wealthy, you will probably need to clock in whether you are motivated or not. Studies have shown that a good can make you a more productive employee, and we’ve found 5 of the weirdest ways to boost your spirits while earning your pay.

Grab Some Veggies

In 2014, researchers published a report which linked increased consumption of fruits and vegetables with feelings of engagement and meaning. The results were drawn from a sample of 400 young adults whose food choices were tracked for 13 days through the use of a food diary. The scientists found that on days when the test subjects ate more fruit and vegetables, they also felt more curious, creative, and full of purpose. Conversely, unhealthy foods such as sweets and salty snacks were not shown to have a correlation with positive affect.

Enjoy the View

Did you know that looking at something beautiful can make you feel happier? Phone manufacturer HTC hired a behaviorial research company to conduct a study of more than 2,100 participants around the world. The scientists found the subjects had increased heart rates and perspiration after exposure to objects that were either beautiful. Dr. Simon Moore, the Management Director of the research agency in ran the tests, explained “Beauty induces stable long-term positive emotions and has a cathartic effect on negative emotions.”


Sing a Song

The right kinds of music are known to bring down stress. Classical music in particular has been found to lower heart rates and reduce blood pressure, and even decrease stress hormone levels. However, you can experience a rise in neurochemicals like dopamine when you hear any musical styles that you enjoy. Even making your own music can improve your outlook, according to one study found in the International Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 75 first year nursing students had lower levels of burnout after attending a 6 session course on recreational music-making.

Send a Plant

There’s a reason that flowers and plants are always one of the most popular gifts at hospitals. A Washington State University study showed that simply entering a room with lots of greenery could cause blood pressure to fall by 4 points. Plants can purify the air in your office and give off oxygen and moisture as byproducts, which can help combat fatigue and create a more humid environment that staves off dry throats. Stay extra relaxed by choosing low maintenance, hypoallergenic foliage for your desk, such as variants of ivy.

Steal a Smooch

Okay, this may be a little harder to pull off at the office, but it offers some major returns. Kissing has been found to increase dopamine and oxcytocin, which leads to feelings of bonding. What employer wouldn’t be happy to learn their workers were attached to the office? Even a platonic peck on the cheek could lift your spirits. And even the wettest kiss exchanges nearly one-third less bacteria than shaking hands. So, pucker up to a coworker if you’re interested in stamping  your sick days and getting rid of stress.

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