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One of the hidden dreams of anyone who loves dogs and all the more so who raises a dog is to get up one morning with powers on him to understand the language of dogs, and find out once and for all what exactly his dog trying to tell him every time he barks, hiding in the corner when lightning and thunder, Whine for no apparent reason, and all the other familiar and least understood bluff operations that we owners can only try to guess what exactly they are trying to express.

Well, none of us is expected to become Dr. Doolittle any time soon, so most of these questions will probably remain unanswered forever, but as animal behavior research develops, we learn more about our furry creatures, The signs our dog spreads are supposed to tell us.

The following series of illustrations tries to shed some light on the variety of movements and signs that our dogs perform every day, from the movements of the tail and the gaze, to the condition of the ears, face and body language of the dog. Of course, you can interpret any of these signs in many strange ways and you may find yourself sharing some of the things, but it is certainly worth it to check them out every day and see if they fit your dog.


The dog wags at the bottom of the tail

If your dog wags at the bottom of his tail slowly it is a sign that he does not really understand what is going on and tries to understand from you exactly what you want him to do. When the dog wagged its tail repeatedly, it signaled that he understood that things were under your control.

The tail is raised up and gently moved

The dog challenges your authority because it feels that it is in control of the situation.

The tail is folded between the legs

This is a sign that your dog is frightened, frightened, suffering from pain or feeling uncomfortable. If your dog folds his tail between the legs and there is no logical or obvious reason, you should take him to visit the veterinarian.



The dog looks at you with wide alert eyes

It’s your dog’s way of telling you he wants your attention. It examines you and expects you to respond firmly and resolutely.


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