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Although most of us prefer to ignore them elegantly and pass them by as if we have not seen them, homeless, homeless, they are people who have lived a life similar to yours, but something in the way has gone wrong and made them lose their way. To death. Unfortunately, most people who have deteriorated into this situation will probably never recover from it, but sometimes, in isolated and emotional cases like the following story, people who were at the bottom of the hole are able to recover and stand back on their feet.

Patrick Hinga, a Kenyan young man in his twenties, has had serious addiction problems over the years. It all began when he was expelled from the school he studied after being caught smoking cigarettes and marijuana.


From there, the way down was quite short and included a drug addiction that led to violent behavior and aimless wandering the streets of Nairobi in constant search for drugs.

Patrick’s mother tried everything she could to help her addicted son, and eventually, after she could not control him, she was hospitalized in a mental institution in the hope that they would be able to repay him and bring him back to life.
Staying there did not help Patrick, who did not like the fact that he was being given medication all day, even though he was not really a mental patient but a drug addict, so he escaped from hospital time after time. In the end, after a few hospitalizations and escapes, he never returned and became officially homeless.


But then one fine day, lying on a street corner he had adopted, came the moment that changed his fate and his life from one end to the other. Vanya, the girl in the photo and Patrick’s classmate, ran into him just by chance and began talking to him.

Desperate Patrick expressed his strong desire to change his life and return to being a normative person who does not pursue drugs all day long.

Good-hearted Vanya decided to adopt her classmate and do everything in her power to help him climb back up the abyss to which she had deteriorated. As a first step, she convinced him to be voluntarily admitted to an orderly rehabilitation facility, while promising to accompany him through the process


The money to finance his stay in the rehab center was able to organize an online finance campaign in which surfers donated money to help create a happy ending for this exciting story.

In the rehab center, Patrick received support, mental help and mostly a lot of love. Vanya also assured him that when he finished the withdrawal she would help him start his own business.


And Patrick did. His healing process was quick and unbelievable.

In no time he returned to look like a full-fledged man, began to smile again and the hunger for drugs was diminishing


“I’ve become a new person,” Patrick said. “I pray every day to God to give me the strength to guard myself and not to deteriorate back to the terrible place where I was”


And Vanya stood by his word too. With a lot of help from her and the surfers who donated him money, he opened his own business, and so he looks now: clean, neat and tidy, and especially happy



Patrick’s story moved a whole country and now manages to touch the hearts of people around the world. The city of Nairobi is known for its “less beautiful” areas, those who are infected with drugs, prostitution and crime, and this story is certainly a small bright spot that leaves little room for optimism.


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