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Many of us tend to think that the work of the actors we see on screen in series and movies is easy and magical. After all, who would not want to earn boxes of money for a few days of filming and then go on holiday in the Caribbean would not it? So, despite all the glamor and glam around, and although most of them are rewarded accordingly, the work of the actors is not simple, and many of the roles they play require early preparation months in advance, in which the stars are often required to change their lifestyle, learn a new language, , Weight gain and more.

The following series of pictures shows 50 examples of famous actors who had to undergo crazy external changes to match their people with the characters they play in films. Of course we do not talk about changing hair, makeup or the addition of a wig, but on such extreme changes that it is sometimes difficult to understand that this is the same player we all know. Incidentally, each of these films has definitely entered a category of recommended films that must be seen, and we would suggest that you complete those you have not yet seen.

Christian Bale, “The Mechanic”

In “The Mechanic,” Bale plays a person suffering from insomnia. Lack of sleep at night causes him to lose weight and the player had to adapt himself to the image he embodies. He lost 29 kilograms of weight when he dropped from 78 kg to an unreasonable weight of just 49 kilograms, and during the four months of the weight loss diet the player ate only a can of tuna and apple each day and drank water and black coffee, 250 calories a day. To accelerate the decline is also the value of fitness training in parallel.


Chris Hemsworth, Thor

Many players have to swell and groom themselves for certain roles that require it, but not many have been able to make a frenzied upheaval like Chris Hemsworth’s for his lead role in Thor. As befits his character, Hemorrhage entered a fitness regimen and managed to add 15 pounds of muscle, especially in the arm area, Thor’s hallmark. The method by which he managed to swell like this without consuming banned substances has become one of the most popular Google searches among men who want to be cut.



Jack Gilenhall, “No Gloves”

To play the role of a fighter, the player raised 10 kilograms of muscle after training six hours a day for half a year, including training with the world’s most famous boxer, Floyd Maywater.


Charlize Theron, Munster

To play the character of serial killer Eileen Varnus, the actress raised a 30-pound yacht by a crazy obesity diet that included lots of potato chips, donuts, and other fatty foods to give her the look she needed. Despite the radical change, Charlize says weight gain was not really part of the original character she claimed was not fat at all. “It was a matter of life style, to release restraints in every aspect of life and to get into the head of this girl.”

Matthew McConaughey, “Dallas Customer Club”

To play the character of Ron Woodroff, an AIDS patient who battled the US government to approve banned drugs for HIV carriers, the esteemed actor Matthew McConaughey was forced to shed nearly 20 kilograms of his weight. Despite concern for his health from his friends and those around him, Conway was not broken and managed to survive 29 days of filming in a state of malnutrition. After filming, he said: “I lost all the energy I lost from the neck down, from the neck up, it was an amazing experience.”


Chris Pratt, “The Guardians of the Galaxy”

“3-4 hours of hard work and tearing apart every day,” Pratt explained how he had completely changed his outward appearance for his role in the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” With a menu of 4000 calories a day and lots of water and training, Pratt turned from the plump guy to the left of the monster on the right. impressive.


Natalie Portman, “Black Swan”

In order to play the role of perfectionist ballerina in the award-winning “Black Swan” movie, the Israeli actress has been forced to shed nearly 20 kilograms of weight while maintaining a particularly tough diet, adding more than 8 hours of training and dance lessons a day. The result, as we all know, was probably worth the suffering and much investment on the part of the actress who said that “there were Arabs in which I thought I was going to die, really die.”

Jared Lito, Dallas Customer Club

Just like Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto has made a radical change to embody a transsexual who has AIDS. For the job he shed more than 20 years of age. “I just stopped eating, it was hard, and every day I lost a few hundred grams, and eventually I stopped counting.” His weight during the filming of the film, if you are wondering, was only 50 kilograms.


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