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If you’ve been avoiding a night on the town due to the concerns about dealing with a hangover the day after, you’re in much luck. With the introduction of a herbal supplement called “PartySmart”, you may be able to party every night without fear of hard hangover symptoms the next day.

The article Anthropology & Medicine, Laurent Pordié discusses the introduction and marketing of PartySmart. This drug suppose to protect the liver and prevent alcohol-related hangovers. Created  by The Himalaya Drug Company in India in 2005, PartySmart should be consumed only 30 minutes prior to drinking alcohol to prevent common hangover symptoms such as headache, nausea, irritability, and fatigue. However, remember! PartySmart will not make it safe to operate a motor vehicle while driving. You’ll still be considered legally intoxicated, you just won’t experience hangover symptoms the following day.

PartySmart is aggressively promoted throughout India in night clubs and on the pubs, even though  there’s been controversy over the portrayal of promoting alcohol consumption amongst the middle classes in such a devout country. To work around this issue, executives were forced to revise their strategy by promoting the product as ‘targeting liver disorders’, thus ridding themselves of the moral repercussions of alcohol consumption.

In the United States, PartySmart is available online through retailers such as With summer fast approaching, now would be a great time to give this unique miracle pill a try.

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